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Check conditions of package before accepting it

You must inspect the condition of your order upon delivery. If you notice that the package has some light damages on the outside, we kindly ask you to notify the courier and mark it down on the delivery slip, if you found big damage on boxes DO NOT ACCEPT the package and claim it to the courier. If you accept a heavily damaged box, we won’t be able to accept your claim on damaged parts inside.

After found out that you have damaged parts you need to fill up the claim with your local courier. After you fill up the claim with the local courier please let us know in this claim form as soon as possible after receipt of the item, but not later than 48 hours after delivery.

Check your products

If your package were without damaged and you find damaged goods in the box, you need to fill up claim with the local courier, after you do so please fill our form claim with details in 48h from delivery. Later the claim will not be possible to accept it.

1.The order details: order number, your contacts, and date of delivery.

2. Information about the faulty or damaged product: product name and description and what is the problem with it. If possible, include a photo of the damaged product, photos of packaging, boxes.

3.   Let us know if you have notified the courier upon delivery that the package is damaged during transportation.

In case of sending goods back you will have to pay for the return transportation of the product, but we will reimburse you for this cost once we receive and inspect the item in the form of a discount coupon in the price for your shipping on our shop.

Claim your lost package

In very rare cases could happen that the package is lost by the courier. If you are not able to track your package and you think that is lost. Please contact us directly to

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