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Build your Race Motorcycle

We are factory based in Czech Republic manufacturing race fairings, lightweight subframes, and carbon-kevlar accessories.

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Everything You Need

The Best Materials. Handcrafted. Zero Compromises.

Rear Seat Unit

You can choose between Racing (in picture) or Original (for using original seat).

Front Fender

From fiberglass with reinforcement points.

Upper Fairing

From fiberglass with lot of reinforcement points.

Tank Cover

Some models have full tank cover, some small tank cover, there is also SBK higher option for some models.

Side Fairings

Some models have side panels, some are part of the upper fairing.

Lower Fairing

Usually you can choose between original for original exhaust and racing for full system racing.

Frame cabron covers
Swing arm covers
Rear Subframe

Lightweight racing subframe Dbholders.

Fairing bracket

Aluminum lightweight fairing bracket with or without air ducts.

Get Ready for Track

Precise fitting. Lightweight. Ready to Race.


Have you got your motorcycle in stock and original? Well now its time to change it for the race track.


When you change your original ABS fairings, not only you getting lighter motorcycle but you save lot of money in case of falling down on the racetrack.

Enough Talk, Let's Build Something Together

Ducati Panigale Racing Fairing Bodywork Bikesplast
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This is an optional, highly
customizable off canvas area.

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